The cats

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  • Publicado : 6 de octubre de 2010
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The cat (Felis silvestris catus) is a small carnivorous of the family Felidae. The cat is living close to
Man for some 9,500years. It is believed that the Egyptians began to tame around the year 4000 a.
C. to rats and out of their barns. For the Egyptians weresacred animals and as such, the
Punishment for killing one of them was the death. The goddess Bastet was depicted with the head
Of acat. When a cat died, it is sometimes mummified. In the middle age people thinks that the
Cats are related whit the witches because theytoughed that she can transform in cats and they
Throw the cats and they were burned and exterminated. In the United Kingdom people thinks ifyou see a cat and the cat pass next to you going to have bad luck like something simple like a
Tripping with something or you drop paintbucked. In country like a Tibet they considerate the
Cats guardians of the relics and temples and is a holy animal,

Like all theanimals the cats follow metabolism rules like reproduce have cats and died.

The beast attributes are his eyes, his audition, and the touchthat it makes the cat in a good

Depredator one. One important thing if you want have a cat is his liver doesn’t work so good

And itcan´t eat chocolate because for the cats are very toxic because it doesn’t work equal like a men and if a cat eat a paracetamol they died
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