The clear up of ryan and the failure of frank

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Valerie Suárez Colón
ENGL 3102-081
Prof. Edward Contreras
March 7, 2010
Comparative Essay (draft) #1

The clear up of Ryan and the failure of Frank

When we fall in love we believe thatthis is going to be perfect. We think that we will go to be happy in that relationship, but the destiny would offers us another path. In the other hand, we often have several doubts about ourfeelings and about what actions made us happy. When this occurs we tend to be confused, if we fail with love we think that the world will end, and that our life sucks. We never think in otheralternatives, if this one made us happy or if the other one can affect us. Life has several stages and moment that we have to decide very hard choices; we would commit an error, or can accept it, improve andmature. Somehow we have to tend to choose the best way. It likes that happened to Ryan and Frank, they met face to face with love, but in different ways, one of them clarify his feelings and the otherhave to accept that isn’t for him.
Ryan, a confuse dude, he was not sure about his feelings. He was loves everything such as material things, and never he had taken a relationship for a serious.He does not know what he wants. He thinks that love was “man and woman glowing with joy, hand in hand and soon comes the arrival of a baby girl or baby boy.” This is a sequence and an error thinkingthat Ryan has had about love. But finally he met Nathaniel, with him he felts secure, all problems disappear. He said that thanks to Nathaniel he know the love in another way. Nathaniel was goingand they didn’t have any type of relation, but Ryan doesn’t suffer. Nathaniel was for him an excellent experience to see the life in another way.
Frank, an intellectual, homosexual, a number onescholar that study Marcel Proust—by the way this is a French writer that has had a similar life like Frank; he was gay like Frank and a total loser. He lost a scholarship and his lover, a male...
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