The companion.

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  • Publicado : 23 de septiembre de 2010
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T H E C O M P A N I O N .

How credible can be a document, How far can we have credibility in a will? . "The company" an Agatha Christie novel, talks about thedeath caused by ambition.
One comes to the world for three reasons, to learn, to love and to be happy, per many times people in the world lose their minds, seek tofind this reason by other ways, or finding other things that make them feels they’re complete on their lives. MONEY. Whether the results would ambition, crazypeople, became capable of anything. People killed for money, and that is not a truth, is now a reality in the world.

Agatha Christie, I believe that is where thisnovel approach, because the story is based on the murder of Mary, Amy's best friend, had a relationship so close, but, Amy was able to kill Mary, to leave in his willhe inherited all his property to Amy and her family, and then did the authorities believe it was suicide, and to obtain happiness, she thoughts that stealing moneyfrom his best friend she will have happiness. Of course she was wrong, you can’t buy happiness.
If Agatha Christie, allow me to change the final, I would proposethat Amy, could buy luxuries, a lot of them, and to get many big houses, but couldn’t take away from her an immense loneliness that haunt the rest of his life, anda feel of guiltiness.
That feeling will forced Amy to dispose of that bad money, and to give it a good propose, like charity, a companion named just as herfriend, Mary, and to give help to those people than need the more, and that just a smile for those people, could gave them a happy day.

By Jessica Casanova Aldana.
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