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Why is Consumer Experience such an important phenomenon to today’s Marketing Manager?

Angela Bonilla

Research Paper #1
Marketing Concepts – 0105-761-90
Rochester Institute of Technology
Executive Summary

This paper will focus exclusively at the technology industry as that is where the researcher's career is currently focused. The researcher's individual model intends to demonstrate anidea that pertains to blends of theory, examples, other researchers' models, and facts obtained from a sufficient range of sources. It is in reality
a model designed with a strong aim on how to effectively maintain an organization's success and customer loyalty even when facing market competition. The researcher believes that customers should be treated with respect, honesty, and with nothingbut their satisfaction as the desired outcome. Customers in technology industry must be provided assistance with a sense of willingness to help and assist their needs. Based on factual data, sources utilized, professional experience, and professional advice, the researcher believes that customers in the technology industry must be treated by personnel that provide a satisfying, friendly environmentwhen dealing with customers. Personnel must always project to each and all customers that they do count equally, and they are indeed the driving force of the company's profits.
The researcher's model does not contain a costly proposition that can be viewed as a significant budgetary impact. Although costs related to customer satisfaction and building strong relationships with customers shouldbe key, amount and time invested should constantly remain focused and realistic. Organizations cannot risk a strong customer portfolio by making hard promises; the researcher believes that there is nothing more upsetting to a client to find that promises made were never fulfilled. It is the researcher's intention to present a model that contains a huge concentration of building and pro-activelymaintaining a direct client relationship. There is a significant relationship of accuracy and ease of resolutions at many customer experience models found by the researcher. Now the researcher wants to provide a factual meaning that can be applied in the marketplace using a different. Lastly, the researcher pursues to demonstrate what is in reality a true proposal of a desired "close to ideal"customer experience that can be executed in the technology industry.  

Critical questions the model intends to unveil

Why concentrating in a friendly, realistic, and honest relationship with customers?
If customers are satisfied: how can the company retain such level of comfort? Can the company exceed current satisfactory level?
If customers are not satisfied: how can we improve our services toreach a satisfactory grade?
Does the company need a set of strategies to be implemented and reach the core of customer-related issues?  

Key points the model intends to tackle:

1. The customer is the only one that can tell what is lacking to win him over and what is needed for satisfaction to be successful
2. It is all about strategically travelling through the customer's mind to obtaindirect input and net customer feedback
3. The researcher's model shall contain a reliable method of measuring whether customers are fully satisfied or not
4. Implement strategic determinants of customer trust combined with actions to identify customer retention 

Reasoning behind model's structure: What does a customer expect when it comes to Technology and services within this industry?a) Customers want a quick and precise solution to technical issues.
b) Customers want effective assistance without having to spare their valuable time in getting to the desired solution.
c) Every single time a customer requires assistance, they want knowledgeable personnel to provide help.
d) Customers want competency, a speedy flow, and ease at all times.
e) Customers found within the...
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