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A knight, who loves all the pleasures of life, is accused of attacking a lady of the court of King Arthur, so the king orders to cut off his head. But the Queen asks him to give the knight to her for punishment; so she speaks to the knight: “You will live only if you can answer this question: What women most desire? You may look for the answer for a year and aday but then you'll have to return here!”. The knight starts to travel around the world, asking everybody to give him the answer to this question, but he can't find two people who agree.
“Women want to be rich” or “They want to be spoilt and flattered”, “They want fine clothes” or “Women want people to say that they can keep a secret”....But that is impossible, because everybody know that nowoman can keep a secret. For example, when King Midas confessed her wife to have a long pair of donkey's ears under his hair and he asked her not to tell anybody about this, she promised, but one day, she went to the lake and whispered the secret to the water: the wind spread the secret to everybody.
Well, at the end of the year, the knight hasn't found the right answer yet. Suddenly, while he'sriding through the forest on the way back to the court, he sees 24 beautiful women dancing on the grass, but they desappear as soon as he tries to approach them. Now, on the grass, there is only a hag, the ugliest woman the knight has ever seen. When the knight explains what's his problem to the hag, she tells him that she will help him only if he promise to do anything she asks. The knight agreesand the hag gives him the right answer; when they come to the Queen's court, the knight speaks loudly: “Women desire to have power over their husbands!”. Nobody in the court disagree with him, so his life is safe. At that moment, the hag jumps up and tells the knight: “You promised to do anything I had asked, and now I want you to marry me!”. Unhappily, the knight is obliged to do this to keep hispromise. That night, he can't sleep and he tries to keep as far away from her as possible. So the hag asks her husband what's wrong and the knight answers that she's so ugly and old and poor that he could never love her. The hag speaks to him with wise words: “Yes, I'm poor, but there's nothing wrong in that, because poor people haven't to be afraid of thieves and they're sure to be loved forthemselves and not for their money by their freinds; I'm also old, but you know that old people have to be respected, and if I'm ugly, you needn't to be afraid that I'll cheat you with other men”. After that, the hag asks the knight to choose if he wants she's a true wife, but always ugly and old, or if he prefers to have a beautiful and young wife, but who is untrue to him. The knight thinks about ita lot, then he decides to let the hag choose which is the best. So, the hag tells him: “You let me have the power to choose, this is the reason why I'll be both things to you: you'll have me young and beautiful but also as a true wife!”.
Since then, the'll live in perfect joy.

Un caballero, que ama a todos los placeresde la vida, está acusado de atacar a una dama de la corte del Rey Arturo, por lo que el rey ordena que le cortó la cabeza. Pero la reina le pide que dé el caballo con ella por pena, así que habla con el caballero: "Usted vivirá solamente si usted puede contestar a esta pregunta: ¿Qué deseo más las mujeres? Usted puede buscar la respuesta para un año y un día, pero luego tendrás que volver aquí ".El caballero comienza a viajar por todo el mundo, preguntando a todo el mundo para darle la respuesta a esta pregunta, pero no puede encontrar a dos personas que están de acuerdo.
"Las mujeres quieren ser ricos" o "Ellos quieren ser mimados y halagados", "Quieren ropa fina" o "Las mujeres quieren que la gente diga que puede guardar un secreto" .... Pero eso es imposible, porque todo el mundo...