The feminism on the 70`s

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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2010
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The feminism of the difference is in the mid 70s in the U.S. and France. It came from radical feminist groups, and, with its slogan "a woman is beautiful," believethat men are, by nature, aggressive, warlike and predatory, and therefore women should not play that game and try to imitate them.
The feminism of difference hadmany followers in France and Italy.
The feminism of difference feminism diverges from equality because it believes that masculinity and femininity are sociallyconstructed gender roles with which they must finish. In contrast, the feminism of difference suggests a significant constant invention which is the cultural mandateseparate body made by patriarchy (gender).
The Philosopher Hobbes :
From the authors studied the most highlights their contributions to man-woman equality isHobbes.
For many, the domination of men over women is natural.
Important factor in the feminist movements of the 70 (first movement in the rights of women, andremember that when we speak of law, also refers to participation)
Hobbes states that all men are equal and their inequality can be justified only by civil law. Thatis why women have sought to defend their rights, so to speak "on paper, not just words" as it is the only way to ensure true equality between the sexes.
women'smovement in defense of their rights around the world and being part of this world Venezuela, the Venezuelan united in favor of this action, many are owed the equalparticipation, although this only because the laws of women in different areas of society, especially the practice of law and active participation in politics.