The future of mexico city

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  • Publicado : 21 de enero de 2011
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The future of Mexico City by Edgar Vega
The principal problems that Mexico City is facing today are overcrowding and overpopulation, water supply and air pollution are also big problems. Due theenormous population living in Mexico City public services are never enough, public transportation in most cases is crowded and traffic congestions are constant in main avenues. There are many peoplethat live outside the city and travel into it every day, this factor contributes even more to its overcrowding and overpopulation.
If this pattern continues and improvements aren’t made Mexico Citycould be inhabitable in 50 years, statistics says that the amount of automobiles in Mexico City is increasing by 10 percent annually, that means around 500% more cars in 2060 than today, in order tosupport that amount of cars we would need around 70% percent of the territory exclusively for roads.
In my personal opinion these problems could be solved implementing the following actions:
1.Increase fees for parking and increase car own taxes. With this measure the amount of cars could be decreased, less people would be able to afford a car and the government could use these economicresources to improve public services and help poor people.

2. Improve/Increase subway and public transportation. In first world countries public transportation had been the answer to many problemsrelated to big cities, subway is an excellent choice of public transportation because is fast, secure, clean, many people can be transported at the same time and can be constructed underground so we couldhave more space for houses and parks instead having many roads and traffic.

3. Create jobs promoting economic gown in other cities. As I mentioned before many people from foreign towns drive tocity every day, this is an obvious behavior because Mexico is the heart of the economical activity in the country. If more job centers and schools were created in other places the city could be...
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