The garden party

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Comprehension Test
The Garden Party and Other Stories
Katherine Mansfield
1 Who said what? Match a number from A with a letter from B.
1 ‘Think how that poor woman will feel if she hears a band playing ...’
2 ‘Look, here’s the sitting-room and the kitchen, and that’s the—’
3 ‘Excuse me, Mademoiselle, you dropped this.’
4. ‘Give me back that letter. Give itback to me at once, you bad, wicked woman ...’
5 ‘Oh, no, this is the first time I have ever been abroad at all.’
6 ‘Go on, go on! Shoot him down! Shoot him!’
7 ‘... long before you’re as old as I am, you’ll be sitting up there on the stage in your nice black dress, watching.’
8 ‘Flowers! You wouldn’t believe it Madam, the flowers he used to give me.’
9 ‘He’sgone shearing and left me all alone again.’
a Kezia, The Doll’s House
b Laura Sheridan, The Garden Party
c Millie, Millie
d Miss Moss, Pictures
e The fat man, Her First Ball
f Ian French, Feuille d’Album
g The governess, The Little Governess
h The maid, The Ladies Maid
i The woman, The Woman at the Store
36 marks

2 Complete the following sentences withinformation from the stories The Garden Party, The Doll’s House, Pictures, The Little Governess, Her First Ball.
1 Laura was unhappy about having the garden party because . . .
2 Lil Kelvey went to see the doll’s house because . . .
3 Miss Moss went to the Café Madrid because . . .
4 The waiter was angry with the governess because . . .
5 The fat, bald man upset Leila because . . .

3 Match the following words with the correct story; doll, paddock, cart, creek, lawn, shearing, lily, marquee, scones, cottage.
The Garden Party

The Woman at the Store

10 marks

4 Are these sentences about The Garden Party true (T) or false (F)?
a Laura was very business-like about organizing the party.
b The man who died lived nearby.
c Jose thoughtit was silly to stop the party.
d Mrs Sheridan was worried that the man had died in her garden.
e When her brother told Laura how wonderful she looked, Laura forgot about the dead man.
f Laura did not enjoy the party very much.
g After the party, Laura decided to take a basket of food to the dead man’s family.
h Laura respected her brother’s opinion abouteverything.
24 marks

5 Which character in these stories did you find the most interesting? Give reasons for your answer.

20 marks

Total marks

Multiple-choice Test
The Garden Party and Other Stories
Katherine Mansfield

Choose the best answer.
1 Ian French is an artist who lives in _____.
a [ ] New Zealand b [ ] France c [ ] America d [ ] Germany
2One day, the Burnell children get a beautiful doll’s house that smells of _____.
a [ ] flowers b [ ] food c [ ] paint d [ ] perfume
3 Laura and her family are going to have a party in _____.
a [ ] their house b [ ] their garden c [ ] their neighbour’s garden d [ ] the public gardens
4 Miss Ada Moss is a woman who desperately needs some _____.
a [ ] eggsb [ ] new shoes c [ ] paint d [ ] money
5 The little governess has never _____ before.
a [ ] travelled on a train b [ ] been abroad c [ ] been to a hotel d [ ] eaten strawberries
6 The little governess is going to work in _____.
a [ ] Germany b [ ] Austria c [ ] Russia d [ ] France
7 At the ball, Leila dances with _____.
a [ ] nobodyb [ ] her sister c [ ] a lot of different men d [ ] one fat man
8 The woman with blue eyes and yellow hair lives at a store _____.
a [ ] in a very lonely place b [ ] on the edge of a busy town
c [ ] on a small island d [ ] next to a beach
9 Millie Evans learns that Mr Williamson has been _____.
a [ ] punished b [ ] robbed c [ ] killed d [ ] hurt...
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