The ghostly visitors

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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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By Henry James


According to Eleanor, what was especially frightening about the first ghost story?
The fact that the ghost first appeared to the small child.

How did Douglas know Catherine Blake, and when did they first meet?
He knew her because Catherine Blake was the governess of him sister. They met one summer when he came home fromuniversity.

What was the condition that came with the job of governess, and why did Lord Henry demand it ?
The person who became governess to the children would be the completely responsible for them, she would have to take care of everything alone because Lord Henry didn't want to be worried by any problems or questions about the children.


What was Catherine's firstimpression of little Flora?
She was so beatiful, she had blue eyes and long blonde curls and she was like an angel. She wasn't like an ordinary child, she had an angelic light on her face. She was an angelical girl.

What two things were strange on Catherine's first evening at Bly ?
One was Mrs. Grose's seemed too happy that Catherine was there. The other thing was that she heard the cryof a child in the distance and the sound of footsteps outside her door.


What did the headmaster say in his letter to Lord Henry, and what the reason did he give for
this decision?
The headmaster said Miles can't return to school after the holidays, but he didn't give any clear reasons for this.

How do we know that Mrs Grose felt uncomfortable when she was talkingabout the previous governess?
She didn't want to talk about this subject.

What did Catherine notice about Miles when she first met him at the train station?
Catherine noticed that Miles was very special and that the headmaster's accusations couldn't possibly be true.

How did Catherine feel about the two children and the place where she was living?
She had lived in suchlovely surroundings, and she felt happy and free.


Describe Catherine's first meeting with the stranger at the top of the tower and say how she felt.
She went for a long walk and when she returned to the house she saw a stranger at the top of the tower and he was staring down at her,he didn't move. Then, she felt very cold.

What two possible explanations did Catherine givefor the man on the tower?
Maybe the servants were playing a trick on her or the stranger was a traveller who was curious about old mansions, and he had entered the house and left againd without anybody else seeing him.

What did Catherine see when she went into the dining room to get her gloves?
She saw the same man that she had seen in the tower outside the window.

Howdid Catherine describe the stranger to Mrs Grose?
She said that he was very sinister, he was tall with dark hair and a long pale face. His eyesbrows are thick and dark, he had got small eyes and a wide mouth with thin lips. He was elegantly dressed, but not like a real gentleman, there was something artificial about him, like and actor in the theatre.

According to Mrs Grose, who was thestranger, what was his connection to Bly and what happened to him?
He was Peter Quint, he was Lord Henry's assistant. When Lord Henry left Bly he stayed here with they and supervised some changes that Lord Henry wanted in the house. After, he dead.


Describe the relationship between Quint and Miss Jessel.
They spent a lot of time together, Miss Jessel loved Quintpassionately, but he just laughted at her and finally he ended thei relationship.

How did Flora react after she saw the two figures at the lake? Why was this strange?
She was staring silently at the figures and she didn't seem scared at all. After, when she saw that Catherine was looking her, she turned her back to the figures and started playing again. She acter as if no one was there....
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