The goal

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The Goal a Continuous Improvement Process

The book seems very good because it is a clear example of how to apply the theory of constraints (TOC) in business and everyday life.

In the firstchapter I can summarize the introductory story surrounding the life of an engineer (Alex Rogo) industry in one of the problems so common in those who may face any engineer today, making us understand theapplication of the famous theory of constraints applied to a multitude of companies that we know their main goal is to make money.

In the introductory chapter describes the problem with Alex Rogoin the company that is responsible, as we spend in everyday life Alex Rogo get to work to perform his duties and is met with surprise that the Vice President is in the company, Mr. Rogoimmediately imagines that he is in serious problems and this is totally true. After realizing that within the company and that strange things happen all the staff on duty this like crazy, Alex Rogo decidesto talk with Vice President Bill Peach who is visiting the company, or surprise for Mr. Rogo therefore lies Mr. Peach in his office and sat in his place ... Mr. Peach angrily begins talkingabout the problem that exists, one of its best customers of the company do not receive your order (Order No. 41427) in time for a seven-week delay; a while after scolding Rogo conversation ends withher telling him to take charge of producing the parts.
Rogo-effusive answers to provide people in need...

Mr. Peach response was: "You all people need! Check your efficiencies, which have muchroom to improve!

He also made clear that he had not gone to the company only because it has a backorder that was just a symptom of the problem was across the enterprise. He left office Rogo givingThree months to improve production and to counter the problems that are causing the company to generate profits but rather too many losses.

Bill Peach leaves Rogo too thoughtful and concerned...
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