The great gatsby love letter

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  • Publicado : 17 de abril de 2010
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Dear, Gatsby

I’m writing this letter because I have some things on my mind, I would like to share. This is a letter from friend to friend so please don’t take offence to what you’re about toread. I must say that Daisy is my second cousin, once removed. I wish to speak no harm upon her, however I believe Daisy is not the person for you. Daisy is a good person I’m sure, she just has otherobligations to take care of. She is the one person who is not available for you to love. Daisy may have loved you in the past but I have the feeling that she is just in love with the illusion of cash youhave to offer.
What you two had in the past must have been special but that was five years ago. She moved on while you were at war trying to get back to her. Daisy found a husband that was able totake care of her financially and emotionally while you where away. Tom and she formed a family; they have Pammy now to care for. I know you still deeply love her but I think it’s time to let go. It’sbest that you keep your distance; I feel it’s the best in this circumstance that you’re in. Daisy must have feelings for you still but at this moment I think Tom has won her heart, as she told you shedid love him once (pg.132) and to my judgment she still does. Gatsby you are a very good man but “Do you wish to separate her family?” I don’t believe that you are capable of destroying a family.Gatsby you have to realize that Daisy is no longer the same naïve girl you feel in love with in Louisville. She is full of money now, as you know Tom is more than capable to give her what she wants. Youare wealthy also but you know how Daisy reacted to the parties you threw. The way she looked with discuss because you lived in West Egg, instead of her beloved East Egg across the bay. You heard ityourself her voice is full of money, (pg.120) she no longer has that sweet edge she once had. Daisy is not willing to give up her house and family, something so stable to run off with you, something...
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