The house on mango street

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Diego Hwang
Ms. Hogshead
English 9
1 September, 2010

The House on Mango Street
Sandra Cisneros, author of “House on Mango Street” is a short science fiction novel where the story takes placein Loomis, Chicago. The story relates on hope for new and better things, in this case the place where they live. The protagonist is a Mexican girl named Esperanza; a child that plays a role of dreamsand hopes for a better living style. As she passes through puberty, some boys sexually abuse her. The author uses her skills to make the reader feel interested since, the reader may not know the lifeof a girl as she grows.
Esperanza enjoys making friends, and meets Rachel, Lucy, and Sally. Rachel and Lucy are the friends that lived across the street from where Esperanza lives. As Esperanzagrows up, her friend Sally likes to flirt around other guys, since her father abuses her. Esperanza matures even more over a season period in summer. Esperanza’s friend, Sally, soon leaves her with theseother guys that sexually abuse her. In this case, the author may let the reader understand that brutality can also come from sexuality.
The main style that the story follows is small sequentialparts of little events that tell certain details of characters and settings. The protagonist writes a lot, which is a very important point because as she matures and grows very quickly; she has thatdesire to leave Mango Street and live on her own. But, its not so easy since her decisions are not fully developed, Esperanza practices writing to control her feelings, also making her decisions to leaveMango street and live on her own (110).
The readers in the falling action part of the book can get a little distracting. A lot of characters are mentioned; such as families members, friends, andneighbors. This makes the reader sort of distracted although keeping up the names can be easier depending on family members that would be the main character, just as it goes to friends. The reader must...
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