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Heart Piece Location Guide by masmith3200

This guide, for the U.S. retail version of the Nintendo Wii game The Legend of
Zelda: Twilight Princess, provides information on how and where to locate
every heart piece and full heart container in the game. As the Wii and GCN
ports of the game feature worlds which are "mirrored," this guide will havelimited value to those playing the GCN port.

Please be advised that while this guide makes no direct references to the
game's storyline, there are, out of necessity, specific references to
different locations and items in the game. As well, this guide makes reference
only to those items needed to obtain a Heart Piece - other items/tasks may be
required to gain access to that specificlocale. Those sensitive to such
spoilerish material are warned.

In the game, the hero (Link) begins with three heart containers. Link gains
additional heart containers by defeating the final boss creature for each
dungeon (with the exception of the final enemy in the game), up to eight. As
well, individual heart pieces are located throughout the various fields,
caves, and dungeons ofHyrule. Collecting five of these smaller heart pieces
will grant Link an additional heart container for his "lifebar." Any time a
heart piece, or full heart container is located, Link's health is fully
replenished, which can prove invaluable in some of the dungeons in the game.

Following are the locations for the 45 individual smaller heart piece
containers available -

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- FARON WOODS -

#1 - Items Required: Lantern
Location: Find the cave in the NW area (the same cave where the key to the
North Woods Gate was located). Look for a dead-end area in the cave with two
torchstands. Once lit with the Lantern, a chest with a Heart Piece will
appear. Note - if done later in the game, you will need to wave the lantern in
this area to clear thepoisonous fog that accumulates in the woods.


#2 - Items Required: Bomb (obtained from enemy remains)
Location: Find the room NE of the Temple entrance which has multiple killer-
plants. The killer plant located on the floor level of the room is guarding a
chest with a Heart Piece, and can be destroyed by dropping a bomb from thetop
of the adjacent ledge.

#3 - Items Required: Gale Boomerang
Location: Easternmost room in the temple, where multiple tile-monsters can be
found. Use the Gale Boomerang to douse all of the torches in the room, and
path to the chest containing the Heart Piece will appear.


#4 - Items Required: Gale Boomerang
Location: CentralHyrule Field (southern region, just north of the
entrance/exit to Faron), south end of bridge. With the Gale Boomerang equipped
in first-person view, look for a Heart Piece floating in one of the trees.

#5 - Items Required: Gale Boomerang
Location: Near the eastern edge of Kakariko Gorge, south of Kakariko Village,
on a ridge near a bridge spanning the Gorge. Look for a large rock formationjutting up from the Gorge. Use the Gale Boomerang to target and acquire the
floating Heart Piece.

#6 - Items Required: Bomb, Bomb Arrow (Bow & Arrow + Bombs), or Ball and Chain
Location: Just north of Kakariko, look for a large rock blocking a path off to
the West. Once destroyed with a bomb, you can move along the narrow path
southward. After destroying another rock with a bomb arrow,you'll gain access
to a vine - from there, the Heart Piece is due North.

#7 - Items Required: Double Clawshot
Location: Near the SE section of Kakariko Gorge, look for a large formation
with a grappling hook "bullseye." From there, you can grapple to another point
south, below a nest of vines. From there, you can climb to the vines, and
upward to a Heart Piece.

#8 - Items...
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