The lord of the flies

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I. Story map

1. Title: Lord of the Flies
2. Author: William Golding
3. Author’s purpose: entertain and
4. Point of view: Third person
5. Kind of Author: omniscient
6.Genre: fiction novel and allegorical novel
7. Main Character: Ralph (protagonist) and Jack (antagonist)
8. Other characters: Piggy, Simon, Sam, Eric, Roger, Percival, Johnny, the littluns, the lordof the flies, the parachutists, etc.
9. Conflict:
* Internal 1: Jack didn’t like Ralph being the chief.
* Internal 2: Sammeric didn’t know if to tell Jack where Ralph was hiding.
*Internal 3: The kids’ fears came in the night.
* External 1: The children needed a chief for guiding them.
* External 2: Ralph needed help for building the shelters.
* External 3: Ralphwas left alone after Piggy’s death and he was being hunted by Jack’s group.
10. Resolution:
* Internal 1: Jack decided to create his own group.
* Internal 2: Sammeric told Jack wereRalph was hiding.
* Internal 3: They invented a beast that represented their fears.
* External 1: They voted and chose Ralph as their leader.
* External 2: At first everyone help, but at theend he was left alone with Simon and Piggy.
* External 3: He reached the beach and a there were a group of militaries that made the kids realize what they had become.
11. Plot: The story isabout a group of child that had a plane accident and ended alone in a deserted island; and how as the time passes the goodness in them becomes weak and fights with the savage and evil part of humannature.
12. Climax: When Simon is killed by all the kids as a pig, because they thought he was the beast that had changed its shape.
13. Moral: Human life is a constant fight between good andevil; but you should always fight for being good because if you choose the evil you end becoming uncivilized, a savage and no more a human but an animal that instead of living, just survives....
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