The men in black

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The men in black.

Detectives stop a van with Mexicans in the back. Suddenly, Men in Black appear. They
Take Mikey, an alien, away from the others. Mikey escapes and Kay shoots him. The detectivesrealise that Mikey is not human, so Kay uses a machine called a neuralyzer to make everyone forget what happened. Next, a man is a running up and down Madison Avenue shouting, ‘The world isfinished.’ Policeman James Edwards chases the man and has a fight with him. The man runs into a building and jumps out of a window. Kay finds James and asks him lots of questions. They go to Jeebs’s gun shop andKay finds out the man used a carbonizer gun. Jeebs is an alien too, and Kay then uses the neuralyzer on James who forgets everything.
Edgar and Beatrice are having a meal. Suddenly there is a noiseoutside. Edgar goes out and sees a large hole in the road. An alien pulls Edgar into the hole. When Edgar comes out, his face looks strange. At work, James Edwards is sent for a test to join Men inBlack He passes the test. Kay explains what Men in Black do and
Edwards meets some aliens. Edwards decides he wants to be one of the Men in Black too. A man with a van comes to his Edgar’s house andEdgar kills him. Edgar puts the spaceship from the hole into the van and drives away. Kay gives Edwards anew name, Jay. Kay and Jay go and find the alien Redgick.
Theyfind Redgick and his wife and Jay helps deliver her baby in the van. The Redgicks want to escape from Earth as there are other aliens coming whom they don’t like. Kay and Jay go to meet Beatrice, andKay realises there is a Bug in New York.

Rosenberg goes to a Russian restaurant where he meets an Arquillian. Edgar comes in and kills them. Afterwards Dr Laurel Weaver is cutting up the second body,when Kay and Jay come in, pretending to be doctors. Rosenberg’s body is that of a green man and he tries to tell them about the fighting. Back at the office, Kay and Jay watch their screens and...
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