The music

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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2011
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The Music

Through of the generations la music has been so interesting changes depending of the place of origin or the site where themusic is listened more; there are also different kinds for different people with different musicals tastes. As for example to a teenaverage of 15 years mostly not going to like the music to his parents listened at that age or like now for example the Rancheras or groups asMenudo to be heard thirty years ago, remind to your parents this group and confirmed to for them was very good and continue being so timehas elapsed, but I think to this music was a little gay but are kinds. Also the music can be associated with the form of dress for examplein the 80s the fashion was leather clothing but well piped to the body and now a fashion that I think has all the boys without exception ishave drained his pants until half of the buttock. There is also a religious music where the people not listen the music for fashion butworship a certain religion and you can’t put aside. Also the music is associated with the form to you dance, depends on the music and theform to the creators dance at a concert or because depending on the genre of youth knows how to dance. In end the music is so exciting andin the coming years the people is going to discover many genres that for the next generation will get over the current.

Nicolas Meneses
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