The mystery of the dark lighthouse. part 1

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The mystery of the dark lighthouse

Chapter 1

1. Write a brief description of the following characters:



Aunt Bee

Uncle Cliff

2. Who are the guests (all of them. Iknow that some of them appear in the following chapters, but it’s all the same, sooner or later you’ll have to write about them) ?

3. What important event is taking place during that weekend?4. What’s the bad news?

5. What happens whenever it rains?

Chapter 2

True or false. If it is false, write the correct answer.

1. There´s an angry ghost at B&B.

2. Aunt Beeliked to call the B&B her “flower-filled hive” because of all the floral patterns and bees everywhere.

3. Mrs. Snyder has been sick.

4. Professor Snyder is writing about lighthouses.5. Jen and Zeke carried The Snyder’s luggage to their room.

6. Mrs. Barr has a familiar look.

7. Mrs. Barr was very friendly with Jaspar.

Chapter 3

1. Jaspar Westcombe was at B&Ba. On assignment

b. Following somebody

c. For a relaxing weekend.

2. When Jen and Zeke play Monopoly

a. Jen always wins

b. Zeke always wins

c. They neverfinish a game

3. The local fishermen said

a. The lighthouse showed him their way back home.

b. The lighthouse gave them a sense of welcome.

c. The lighthouse was not necessary asthey had electronic sounding systems.

Chapter 4


1. Karen Mills a. was the daughter of the original lighthouse keeper.

2. Catherine Markham b. greeted eachperson by name.

3. Aunt Bee c. resembled Catherine Markham.

4. Esther Barr d. was Catherine Markham’s great great niece.

5. Leonor Mills e. edged away from Jaspar.

6.Professor Snyder f. would love to see the diary.


1. What did the diary talk about?

2. Could Aunt Bee believe this? Why or why not?

Chapter 5

1. Professor...