The parlament of canada and goverment of chile

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The Parliament of Canada:

It organ of legislative power in Canada. It is located on the Hill Parliament in the national capital, Ottawa (Ontario).
According to the British North America Act of 1867, Canada's Parliament consists of the Monarch of Canada (Now Queen Elizabeth II), the Senate and the House of Commons.
The monarch is the head of state in the country, officially represented byGovernor General (currently Michaëlle Jean). This approves the 105 Senate members who are appointed by the Prime Minister Canada. The 308 members of the House of Commons are elected directly by the country's population, each member represents one of the 308 constituencies in which the country is divided.
The House of Commons, or lower house, is the dominant branch Parliament of Canada. The Senate,or upper house, rarely opposes the will of the House of Commons, and the tasks of the Monarch Governor General are largely ceremonial and symbolic. The Prime Minister and Cabinet need to have the support of most
Members of the House of Commons to remain in office but not the confidence of the Senate or the Monarch.

Who constitute the parliament?:
The Queen of Canada, currently HerMajesty Queen Elizabeth II represents one of the three components of Parliament. The monarch's functions are delegated to the Governor General of Canada (now Excellence Michaëlle Jean), who is appointed by the Queen on the recommendation of prime minister. The officially serve as governors-general time as you like the queen, but in practice the term is every 15 years. Although the Queen andGovernor-General has significant powers theoretical exercise it in fact only rarely. Instead, engaged in a ceremonial role, using his political power under recommendation of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

The Senate
The upper house of the Parliament of Canada is the Senate. Its purpose is represent the provinces, senators are selected by the first minister and then appointed by the governorgeneral. To become Senator, you must have at least thirty years of age, subject of the British queen and owner of a property worth
minimum of 4,000 Canadian dollars. The senator must have a land and my home in the province that is considered to represent. Although previously the senators were appointed for life, now stop at his post at the age of 75 years. Can be
removed from office if they fail to appearat two sessions consecutive Parliament. The constitution brings together the Canadian provinces into four divisions different, with an equal number of senators: twenty-four for Quebec, Twenty-Four Ontario, twenty-four for the Maritime Provinces (Ten for Nova Scotia, ten for New Brunswick and four in the Island Prince Edward) and another twenty-four for Western Canada (six for each, Manitoba,British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta). The Senate is because, as usual, at 105 members. Governor general may still increase by four or eight senators to the group, his will and in accordance with the queen. The four divisions are not But always be equally represented.

The House of Commons
The component of the Canadian Parliament is the democratically elected House of Commons. Consists ofmembers representing each to a different electoral district and elected in the same district with the help of single-member majority voting system to a back. Canadian citizens should be mandatory and at least 18 years of age. Members are in office until they resign or until Parliament to be dissolved, and can be re-elected a number unlimited times.
The constitution does not set the maximum number ofmembers of the House of Commons, and is reset each decade according to a census. The Chamber should be a minimum of 282 seats, of which three are reserved for the territories. The remaining 279 seats are allocated to the provinces according to their opulation. However, the clause Senate "guarantees each province at least as many Members in the House of Commons and senators of the province. No...
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