The secret life of bees

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Title: The Secret Life of Bees
Author: Sue Monk Kidd
Publisher: Penguin Books
Year: 2002
The Secret Life of bees is set on South California on the 1960s. The novel narrates the storyof Lily Owens, a white girl who only receives love from Rosaleen, her black housekeeper after her mom died, leaving her with her cruel father. After a series of events, Lily and Rosaleen fly away from home and arrive at a bright pink house, a place where Lily will not only discover her mother’s past, but also discover herself and the power of women. The boom is originally divided on fourteenchapters, however, to explain the book I’ll divide it in two parts, Lily’s life of Sylvan and her new life on Tiburon.

Part 1- Lily’s Life on Sylvan
Lily Melissa Owens is a thirteen year old girl that lives with her cruel father T-Ray on a peach farm on the outsides of Sylvan, SC. Lily’s mother, Deborah, died when she was four so T-Ray hired Rosaleen, a black woman who works as a housekeeper andstand-up mother. Rosaleen truly loves Lily, she even stands up to T-Ray for her. It’s very difficult for Lily to make friends, even more when she has forbidden any social activity and she wears clothes made by her. Lily keeps everything she has of her mother in a small tin buried in the orchards: a photograph of her, a pair of white cotton gloves, which she used to held at nights and a small woodenpicture of a black Mary with the words “Tiburon, SC.” written on the back. Some nights, after T-Ray is asleep, she digs the box and held the things to feel peace.
The night of July 2nd, 1964, Lily’s delighted at the sight of bees flying in her bedroom. Lily goes to wake up T. Ray to show him the bees but he gets furious. Lily thinks about her mother, who she accidentally killed when she was fouryears old. She remembers December 3, 1954; her parents fight as she cleaned out a closet. Her mother took out a gun from the closet and T-Ray threw it on the floor. Lily picked it up the gun and shoot, taking her loved mother away.
The next morning, Lily catches a bee in a jar to show T-Ray. After spending the afternoon selling peaches on the highway, Lily returns home, where Rosaleen is thesigning of the Civil Rights Act. Lily’s birthday is on the next day, but T-Ray refuses to buy her anything so as a present, she visits the orchard at night. T-Ray finds her lying there, but fortunately she hid her mother’s stuff; however, T-Ray punishes her, making her kneel on grits until her knees bleed.
Next day’s Lily’s birthday, Rosaleen gives her a cake and takes her to town, where sheintends to register to vote. On the town’s entrance they find three white men, who start insulting and making fun of Rosaleen. She spills snuff juice on their shoes and they hit her and then call the police, who take the girls to jail. The officers called T-Ray and Lily went out of jail just then. He was furious and in his anger, told Lily that her mother left them and the day she died she was justpicking up her stuff. Lily was heartbroken but she felt better when she thought it was just a lie to punish her. After the scene Lily decides to leave, so as soon as T-Ray left, she went to rescue Rosaleen. At town, Lily rode to jail with Brother Gerald, who was on his way to press charges against Rosaleen, but Lily made him change his mind. At jail, Lily found out was at the hospital, the men had...
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