The shed

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This history begins in a town distant to the known, with a very small population in it.
Among this population was a very old family…the Winchester family.
They was from France, in alittle village called Orcières where no was a god.
After very violent and strange events trough a couple of years in the 60’s forced the villagers to live that old and enigmatic place, and liveeverything.
Well…that’s what they thought.

There was an ordinary family in the more unfortunate economic situation,because Mr. Woodman was having trouble with a client who sued him, and because of that the family was in big problems…but they didn’t know it was just the beginning,
After the legal issues, Mr. Woodmandecided to move away from a while;
Mrs. Woodman already knew a few people that would help in the legal situation.
In the next day Mrs. Woodman decide to see this people, and face the situationcalmly,
When one of these friends was showing the papers to move Mrs. Woodman saw something unusual and ask to him for a picture of a house;
He said that house was not for sale due to some unusualevents…
And because of that the house was insecure to live in, she ask to favor to him, to sell the house.
After too many cups of coffee the stupid man accepted to sale the house to the Woodman’s.

Twodays later the family was exited by have a new house away from the big city,
The three kids from differently ages was sleeping inside the car on the gas station very near to the village, and just theparents go for a couple of things in the store, immediately after they live the store, a storm arrive to that place and that didn’t seem so good.
One hour later, they arrive to the house.II.THE BEGINNING AND TRAGIC END
At the next day, when all family was taking breakfast to go out to play in the lake,
Mr. Woodman smells something strange coming from the...
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