The simbolism of a tie

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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2010
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The Simbolism of a Tie
Fabián Corral B.

We assist to the politic rebellion against the tie, it means to the time of other symbols and standards. The tie is very use in many different cases andoccasions, a tie identifies a social class, it’s an educated symbol for the community. The politics persons use the tie as a symbol of a high standard in the society. The politics persons believe inthe use of a tie, they think that if they are using one they are going to be consider respectful and honorable.

The tie has a special meaning to the modern community in general. A simple piece ofsilk has gather an enormous signification that only the fact of using it characterize the individual and locate him in a social class. Its use can be seen as elegant or a simple need of its use.Sometimes its use is forced, like in a high class club or restaurant, which prohibit its entry to people who aren’t wearing it. Or sometimes in the work, the rules negate the entrance to workers who aren’twearing them.

There are some people who really have a passion for the ties. Every morning they weak up and get dressed, but they always put their tie around their neck. They were them with proud ofthem, being the mark or the simple material from which they are made. It is like almost an obsession for them, it is a need.

Well I think this article it’s really well done, it has wonderfulideas and the comparations that are made are incredible but very true. It is a little confusing perhaps; the ideas are hidden over there. It is really a honest essay, it is clearly seen that it wasmade with a critical thinking and a respectful but a clearly as water information which is really meaningful.

Well my opinion is support because the idea of a change of symbols it’s really need inour country. Another thing is the comparation that is used, the ties with the politic; it is a little difficult to understand it. For all the phrases, sentences and ideas that are shown you clearly...
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