The story of an hour

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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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“The Story of an Hour” was written by Kate Chopin in 1894. This story is about a woman trapped in an unhappy marriage, she finds out her husband is dead and feel free. But then, she discovers that heis alive and she dies. This story is full of suspense, shock and surprise.
At first, when she receives the notice, she feels shocked, she does not feel sad nor griefed, she feels somethingstrange, and this feeling is all over her body. She can not believe that she is going to live by herself for the rest of her life. Usually, a common wife would feel incredibly sad, with grief, feeling thatthe world is going to end. This depends on the type of marriage we are talking about, clearly Mrs Mallard is not happy with hers, she does not love her husband, she is repressed by him, which isrepresented in the story as the whole event happens in a closed house, between four walls.
When Mrs Mallard locks herself in her room, her sister, Josephine, thinks she is going to make herself illbecause of the “grief” the widow is going through, and she also estimates that she might commit suicide because of this terrible notice she just heard. This scene is full of suspense, you can not tellwhether Mrs Mallard is going to feel about this new, what she is going to do or what she may say or think. Finally, when she discovers this new feeling as happiness, the reader can tell she will not killherself nor make herself ill.
Getting to the end of the story, whoever is reading the story, can sense the shock and surprise from Mrs Mallard when she sees her husband alive walking through thedoor. She can not believe what she is looking at, her hopes of being free destroys at this moment, all her dreams about making her own life without her man vanish while her husband nor her sister orRichard can understand what is happening with her. This is when unhappiness and bitterness come to her one more time, and she is so upset that she has a stroke and dies.
While reading this story, i...
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