The struggle for equal marriage rights.

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The struggle for equal marriage rights.
For almost two decades now, there has been an intense discussion about the rights of homosexuals for getting married and enjoying the security of a legal union. The activists that are working for the establishment of the rights to have legal marriages for people of the same sex, have been energetically opposed by different politic, religious, and civilgroups which present a multitude of reasons for law makers not to permit such marriages.
There have been some small victories for the groups demanding the equal rights to marry for homosexuals. After each one of those victories, the opponents revive their fight alleging increased danger for the institution of heterosexual marriages and traditional families. Should marriage remain the domain ofheterosexuals or, should homosexuals receive the right to create a family using marriage as the formal mechanization to legitimize their commitment to each other? In order to understand this situation it is necessary to analyze the reasons, rights, and statements of both groups and it is essential to understand exactly what the right of an equal marriage represents
Some of the main reasons presentedby the opposition are the following:
1. Marriage is supposed to be an institution created only for a man and a woman. According to this idea, in order to have a normal and valid marriage a person needs to be part of a heterosexual couple and the law is supposed to reject any variation of this norm.
2. The main purpose of a couple in a normal marriage is procreation. In other words, a person issupposed to be married to be able to have children and maybe is not supposed to have children if he or she is not married.
3. Homosexual couples cannot create a safe and normal environment to raise children. People who oppose same sex marriage believes that in case a same sex couple adopts or one of the partners in such couple procreates one child, the child would be exposed to an abnormal andstressing life.
4. Same sex marriages can endanger the institution of traditional marriage. According to the enforcers of this idea, heterosexual people who are married or want to get married can be dissuaded of the viability of their unions when they see a homosexual couple enter the same status they have or are trying to achieve.
5. Homosexual relationships are not acceptable to the majority ofthe religions and this makes them immoral and dangerous for the rest of the people.
6. If same sex marriage becomes legal, this will lead us to the legalization of other unacceptable unions such as polygamy or legalization of incest.
7. In view of the promiscuity of gay people, legalizing same sex marriage would diminish the value of traditional marriage.
8. Homosexual people are not able tosustain prolonged relationships and same sex unions would end up in divorces very often.
9. Churches will lose their credibility and people will not follow their lead if they start recognizing same sex marriages.
10. Same sex marriage is just a fashion, a fad that will disappear in short time. It shouldn’t be encouraged because it is not important for the general population.
There are many morereasons heterosexual people have thought of for homosexual people not to marry, apart from the ones presented here. Most of them originate from some religious group or ideas, others appeal to the traditional and up to now legal ways to form families. The problem is that people who promote the religious reasons for denying the right to marriage to same sex couples, simply prefer to obviate thatthe case that is being discussed has nothing to do with religion because of the separation of state from religion stated in the Constitution of the United States of America.
To contrast the opposition, the advocates for same sex marriages have their own set of reasons why a legal marriage must be a right of all the homosexual citizens who want to have equal marriage laws and the same benefits...
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