The template

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The template
A template is a document type that creates a copy of itself when it opens. In Microsoft Office Word 2007, a template can have a. Dotx or. Dotm (the file type. Dotm allows you to enablemacros in the file.)
For example, a business plan is a document that is usually written in Word. Instead of creating the structure of that plan from scratch, you can use a template page layout,fonts, margins and predefined styles. All you have to do is open a template and fill in the text and document-specific information. When you save it as a. Docx or. Docm be stored separately from thetemplate on which it is based.
The templates are similar to documents that may include text sections recommended or mandatory, and content controls, for example, a predefined drop-down list or a speciallogo. You can protect a section of a template, or apply a password to it to prevent the modification of its content.
Word templates can be found for most types of documents in Microsoft OfficeOnline. If you have an Internet connection, click Microsoft Office Button, click New, and then click the template category you want. You can also create your own templates.
 NOTE: If you want to createcomplex and highly structured templates, as a form for your tax return, you should use form creation programs such as Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007.
Create a template
You can startwith a blank document and save it as a template, or create a template based on an existing document or template.
Start with a blank template
1. Click the Microsoft Office button and then clickNew.
2. Click Blank Document and then click Create.
3. Make the desired changes in the values of margins, the size and orientation, styles, and other formats.
Add informational text, contentcontrols (for example, a date picker) and graphics that you want to appear in all new documents based on the template.
4. Click the Microsoft Office button and then click Save As.
5. In the Save As...
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