The time machine/ chocolate films questions

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The Time Machine

WE ALL HAVE ONE -- a moment in the past we wish we could change. But few of us have the capability to do so, or the foresight to see how our lives would be altered if it werepossible.

1.- Alexander Hartdegen couldn't accept what happened in the park. How did that affect the rest of his life? When should we accept things that have happened to us and move on, and when shouldwe fight to make things better? Do you think his decision to build the time machine was an improvement or detriment to future generations?

2.- Which is Alexander Hartdegen’s first stop in thefuture? Is it successful? Why? Why not?

3.- Who are the Morlocks?

4.- Who are the Eloi?

5.- The Eloi have "no knowledge of the past and no ambition for the future". How important is it forsociety to learn from the mistakes and successes of history? How can that help us make wiser decisions?

6.- Is there something in your past that you wish you could change? How do you think it wouldimpact your life now or even your future?

7.- Do you think our society will ever be as we have seen in the film? Why? Why not?

8.- Can man control his own destiny? Can he change the shape ofthings to come?
Questions for Discussion and Reflection:
1. What was your initial or immediate reaction to the film? Why do you think you reacted that way?

2. What is the message(s) of thefilm? Where do you agree? Disagree? Why?

3. In what ways were the techniques of film-making (casting, direction, script, music, sets, action, cinematography, editing, etc.) used to get the film’smessage(s) across, or to make the message plausible or compelling?

4. With whom did you identify in the film? Why? With whom are we meant to identify? Discuss each main character in the film andtheir significance to the story.

5. How important is chocolate—and food—to the story?

6. Granting the Catholic setting of the film, compare and contrast the Christianity depicted at the...