The urban problems

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  • Publicado : 14 de marzo de 2011
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The urban problems
In the actuality the principal problems are about the ecosystem, because the ecosystem is conformed for people, animals, nature, etc. and we are destroying thenature and the animals break the ecosystem.
For example:
* Contamination
* Overcrowding
* Ecology
* Economic
* Transport
Contamination (pollution): in thecity the contamination is generated in a lot of many forms for example: when we throw the garbage in the street, river, when use the fertilizer, etc, this garbage produce manyproblems in the ground, water, altered the ecosystem and destroying the world.
Overcrowding: at the present time in the entire world the overcrowding generates many problems for example:shortage of house, depletion the opportunities, exhaustion the recourses, etc.
Ecology: is an important subject because is the base of the ecosystem and is charge the take care fortreat of maintaining the equilibrium in the nature.
Economic: in the world is important the equilibrium between the poverty and the wealth is necessary that the rich support thenew project than have success and generate new opportunities for more people.
Transport: in all the world have many cars and I consider is an excess is necessary reduce the use thecar and start to use the other type of transport for example the urban transport, bicycle, and this help the ecosystem because reduce the contamination.
These problems existbecause the people only think in the success and the wealth.
If we to continue whit this problems we will destroy the ecosystem and the live in the world.
In my opinion is necessary wetake conscience of the problems and the impact of these in the entire world before of make the things and generate a damage in the family, society, ecosystem and the world.
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