The use of fairy tales in adult psychotherapy & hypnotherapy

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THE USE OF FAIRY TALES IN ADULT PSYCHOTHERAPY & HYPNOTHERAPY From the creator of Transactional Hypno-Analysis Jure Biechonski MSc. Abstract Our internal thoughts, which cause us to experience unwanted feelings, are rooted in our perception of reality. This perception is caused by our imagination. As these cognitive errors are irrational, it would be a waste of therapeutic time to try tounderstand or explain them rationally. If unwanted thoughts and feelings are caused by imagination, then it is through the use of imagination that these issues can best be resolved. By accessing the archetypal wisdom of the collective unconscious and remembering the fairy tales farmed by our ancestors’ cultural heritage we can bring to awareness more personal meanings in order to understand how thesearchetypal characters are feeding our sub- personalities. Working with fairy tales in adult hypnotherapy is an effective way to by-pass the critical, logical, conscious factor and access the original unconscious emotional parts. By accessing these parts we can better facilitate personality integration at a feeling level of mind. Working with fairy tales offers the possibility to view imagination, notonly as a defence mechanism, flight from reality, or a distortion of reality, but also as an expression of creativity and health, arising from hope, and offering a more positive perspective.

What is a fairy tale?

A folk story is a narrative, usually created anonymously, which is told and retold orally from one group to another across generations and centuries A form of education,entertainment, and history A lesson in morality, cultural values, and social requirements A story which addresses current issues as each teller revises the story, making it relevant to the audience and time/place in which it is told

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Fairy tales can be used to encourage:
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imagination, fantasy, and even humour frank and open discussion without intimate revelations examination andreframing of human problems analysis and understanding of repressed unconscious material


Types of folk stories: Folktales - fictional stories dealing with human relationships, morality, conflicts, human problems and solutions Fairytales - stories of fantasy adapted from folktales, some (but not all) of which are designed to amuse children Myths - stories explaining the origin of the world anddealing with cosmic issues, such as earth and sky, heaven and hell, gods, goddesses, and human beings; myths are often regarded as true by members of the group whose origin is being described Legends - stories relating incidents often thought to be true, including tales of historical figures, heroic exploits, supernatural beings, and "urban legends" about presumed current happenings Fables -stories in which animals take on human roles and illustrate moral teachings The folk stories that we use tend to be folktales and fairytales. Therapeutic value of fairy tales: • Fairy tales open a window to the past For centuries folk stories have illuminated people's lives, revealed patterns of human behaviour, focused on human conflicts, problems and solutions, and documented the long history ofhuman conflicts. Fairy tales provide a mirror to the present Called "the language of the soul," folk stories reach people on a deep emotional level, allow serious discussion without intimate revelation, provide gentle, non-threatening ways of looking at difficult issues, depersonalize and universalize human problems, and help people evaluate their own feelings and thoughts. Fairy tales present avision of the future Folk stories encourage creative thinking, finding new solutions to age-old problems, rescripting of one's life, and establishing hope for the future.

Interpretation of Fairy Tales The German poet Schiller wrote: “Deeper meaning resides in the fairy tales told to me in my childhood than in the truth that is taught by life.” Fairy tales help inculcate the norms of...
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