The voice by thomas hardy

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  • Publicado : 10 de mayo de 2011
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In the poem “the voice” by Thomas Hardy the writing conveys the poets sense of loss and anguish by parallelism between the man’s felllingsand nature, as well as evoking an identized image of thepast and creating an athmosfere of about and ambiguity.

Firstly, the main the writer uses the convey his sense at loss is the parallelism between his state of the mind and nature, this is clearyseen in the following line. “Leaves around me falling”. This image refers to autumn that is a season we all associate to sadness because of the colours and smells of the landscape and also because itis previous to winter. It creates a depressive atmosphere because it suggests decay and death. It seems as if the worst is about to come. Secondly, other images that comveys his pain is the one ofthe cold.

“Wind oozing through the thorn”. The image refers at depresion and pain for the woman missed. The man refers at the winter and he calm the pain in this season because the norward refersat season cold. The cold refers to lonely and the wind silence. The man sense an unbarable pain.

Before the writer prove a contrast and the evidence is “when our day was fair” and “standing aswhen i drew near to the town”. In the past he is sense a goods memories but in the present he sense a lonely and he provoke a depresion. He sense a nostalgia and the man wants to go back to the past.Finaly the autor slave the conveys and creating an atmosphere of about and ambiguity. “Can it be you that i hear?”, “Or is it only the breeze?”. The man doubt and he is confused. The man sense adenial stage and he pass for the mourning period for to desapearing to the woman. The pass for the delusional state. The poem provoke the ambient dark.

It is a great poem and prove a greatquantity of images. The writer provoke a diferents sensations: parallelism between to state of mind and the nature, a contrast to the past and the present and creating an atmosphere of the about and...
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