The voices of julie

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Julie has what almost girl want. She lives whit her aunt Roslyn, Roz and there are no rules, no restrictions and no curfews. There´s nothing she has to do or can´t does. She hasit made.
Then why the pain when the girls at school whisper behind her back? Why the anger because she knows Tony doesn´t approve of her? And why does she care about Tony anyway, when all he does is try to get her to shape up?
Roz had called to say she might be late, but she would bring pizza for dinner. When she arrived at home, they started to eat and her aunt said her that she hadto go at the doctor but She didn´t want.
One slim hand brushed at the slant of back bangs, a habitual unconscious gesture. Are you back? She asked gently. Then her eyes widened. But today was I never thought to ask about the tryouts. Is that why you’re? Don’t tell me they didn’t like what you did?
With a supreme effort, Julie put light amusement in her voice. Are you crazy? They’ve got superbtaste at M.V. And Mr. Lawton’s fantastic. He asked me to sit in on the sessions after school.
Oh, honey, that’s great.
Her aunt followed harping on the doctor thing. She looked up, her eyes burning. Her voice sounded as tired as she felt. “Look every single girl I know who’s into sex, they’re even more mixed-up than I am. That´s the last thing I need”. “More problems”.
“All right” said them.She got up and took her dishes to the kitchen. Julie sighed as she finished clearing the table a great comfort that was. She already had the most boggled mind in Mesa Verde and possibly for fifty miles in every direction.
Minutes later, her aunt reappeared “I’ll be late” she said and went out. As the door closed behind her, Julie’s smile faded.
The next morning she found Teresa andTony waiting for her at the curb in front of the Martone home.
Julie shuddered and said in her Paul Lynde voice, “What a revolting idea!” but she gave Tony her sunniest smile as she crawled into the back seat of his car. Tony struggled briefly against a tight smile.
Still in her pensive subdued mood, she found Nick waiting by her locker and greeted him without enthusiasm. She managed to finish herEnglish assignment during the reading of the bulletin and the announcements in Advisory, luckily a lengthy affair today. She didn’t have the biology terms memorized as Miss Coleman had requested, but she figured she wouldn’t have to sweat that until the next test.
Early in the year, Julie discovered that it was easy to divert Miss Coleman from class routine when she found something amusing. Forthe first part of the period, she reviewed the experiment they had begun on Monday. Then she peered at them over her glasses. “Okay, let’s get back to our project”.
Miss Coleman said “Julie, you’re heading for a great career, but I doubt it’ll be in the field of science”. She chuckled. “I locked up early last night to watch the tryouts. After the way you perform in class. I couldn’t resist. And Imust say, your sketches were really fine”.
After the class, Julie talked to Nick for several minutes al her locker and later she said bye.
The last bus departed as she rounded the corner and headed for the gym. She decided she had time to duck into the bathroom. While she was still in the cubicle at the end she heard the outer door open and a familiar squeal of laughter.
Betty Joexclaimed “Somebody like that can get to be a real drag, though. Miss Coleman thinks she’s so cute, she gets away with murder”.
Julie froze. Were they talking about her? A moment later, Cindy confirmed her suspicions. They left, the outer door closed. Moments later, Julie emerged to tears across the lawn to the gym. She went to class. With a vast effort, she forced her attention to the teacher....
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