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The Clash of Civilizations
“NYC Subway Train”

Joselyne García Montesdeoca

Political Science


Case Situation

A subway train wrecks below New York City. On the stationplatform several people witnessed the accident. Among them were a Canadian engineer, an elderly American school teacher, a Chinese man with his large family, an illegal Ecuadorian immigrant and an Africansoccer player. What would each one do first? To whom would they turn for leadership? Describe and explain 3 examples.

First, the Canadian engineer would try to save just his family and himself,because generally, the people that had been lived in a Western nation are individualistic and their way of thinking is individualistic too. They have so much trust in their selves. He would criticize thetrain wrecks and the engineers that cause the problem, because he has knowledge about the situation.

In the case of the elderly American school teacher immediately he would try to call to anyinstitution or organisms specialized in this kind of problems. They have that trust in their country, in their laws, in their people, and that Americans are definitive part of Western society maybe thathelps to respect to much human life. Probably the government in USA shall bear the damage from the accident.

The Chinese man with large family would try to put his family out of the train and tryto take care. Chinese people don’t have this “western way of thinking”, instead they are non-western and maybe that will cause that their behavior would be in groups as usually non-western societyreflect. Probably he trusts in the institutions to help them and in the future he would contribute to do better that public transportation.

An illegal Ecuadorian immigrant is the most difficult casebecause he knows that he is illegal and maybe he would just concentrate in migration, policy, police and deportation. He would try to runaway that place and then he would think the difficult...