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The Confessions of Saint Augustine:
Reflection on Book 13

Every human being in this life wants to find the truth about where God is and who created this world. We as human beings have doubtsabout many things in this world, such as the existence of God, where we can find God, and who made us. The confessions of St. Augustine, especially in the book thirteen, have an excellent explanationabout it. God is everywhere but the most important place is that he is in ourselves because he made us and we belong to him. This book is very interesting because, we always are looking for God outsideof us; however, we forgot that God repose in ourselves and at the same time, he works in ourselves to be close to him. God is unlimited to give us good things even though we are far away from him.Saint Augustine says a powerful sentence, “Without you I am nothing although I forgot you, my God”. Even though we forget about God, he is willing to help us all the time. God does not need us to beGod because He is who He is. He always is watching upon us, taking care about our needs. When we call him even though we walked away from him, He goes ahead and help us in our needs. We are servants ofGod because He made us, so in him we can find the happiness and all good things come from him.
Why did God make this world and all things that it contains? On chapter, four says, “He has madeeverything because he is full in His goodness, even all these good things that He made He does not need it because He is completely good in Himself.” All good things were made for the good spirit of God;it was not made by itself, so it contains the spirit of God and God rest in them as He rest in us. We as human beings have the gift of live, but if we want to live happily, we have to be close to thefountain of life that is God.
Saint Augustine says “The Trinity, which is God, he made heaven and earth in his wisdom and in the wisdom of his Son, that is the same wisdom”. Everything was made...
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