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  • Publicado : 29 de mayo de 2011
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“Better education is a better world”
Imagine that one of your friends comes to you and tell you… “You know what… the school is not more that justfun”. Immediately you answer “Are you kidding me?”Obviously is not true”.
School can be fun while we sweat and do all kind of effort? These are some questions that we never thought, but in the speechof Jose Mujica (Uruguayan President) he tries to persuade his audience that education is not a fact that you cannot enjoy.
To help his audience consider his view he said “people who jog along thepromenade, there comes a point where they enter a sort of ecstasy, where they are no longer tired and they just enjoy it” he compares this with the knowledge and the culture there comes a point wherethey study or research, or learn, is no longer an effort, and is pure enjoyment.
Perhaps he tries to wake up people about focus in the true happiness and think in the “real” ideal world; he mentionedthat some may think that the ideal world is a place full of shopping centers. He does not have any against that vision but is not the unique; a better country (talking about Uruguay) is one where peoplechoose fix things than throw them out, like choose a small car instead of a big car, choosing instead to wrap up the heat. To help support his claims he use logos when he shared information aboutNetherland; In this sentence he tries to persuade his audience, “ Dutch ride bikes, use them to go to work but also to

Myriam Ileana Zuñiga 6014 1 Draftgo to concerts or parks. Because they have reached a level where their happiness is fed daily consumption of both material and intellectual. So my friends, go and spreading the joy of knowledge.”To make the people realize that knowledge and education is the way and the bridge between today and tomorrow; is long and hard to cross; in his point of view he tell us that one thing is just know...
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