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Thompson Technique Documentation/Listings of Adjusting Procedures

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Course Instructors:
Wayne Henry Zemelka, D.C.
Kevin J.Wapelhorst, D.C.

The following documentation-listings are in the order one would follow according to the Thompson Technique Protocol procedures as set forth by the Seminar on Segmental Drop TableAdjusting featuring the Thompson Technique by Dr. Zemelka.

+DR or +DL: Positive Derifield (Right or Left – Ilium)
- DR or – DL: Negative Derifield (Right or Left – Ilium)
RCS or LCS: CervicalSyndrome (Right or Left and indicate level of subluxations)
BCS: Bilateral Cervical Syndrome (Occiput rocked posterior bilateral)
XD-R or XD-L: X – Derifield (Right or Left – Ilium and/or Cervical)+D?/RCS or +D?/LCS: Positive Derifield with a Right or Left Cervical Syndrome
- D?/RCS or –D?/LCS: Negative Derifiield with a Right or Left Cervical Syndrome
Posterior Ischium – R or PosteriorIschium – L: Posterior Ischium (Right or Left)
Piriformis – R or Piriformis – L: Piriformis (Right or Left – Piriformis muscle)
Posterior Tibia – R or Posterior Tibia – L: Posterior Tibia (Right orLeft)

Sacrum Subluxations:

Sacral Apex – R or L: Sacral Apex (Right or Left)

Sacrum – SI/PA: Sacrum Base Posterior
Sac Post Lat – R or L: Sacrum Posterior Lateral (Right or Left)
SacTub Lig – R or L: Sacral Tuberous Ligament (Right or Left)
Coccyx – R or L: Coccyx (Tip of Coccyx has moved Right or Left)

IN – Rt Ilium or IN – Lt Ilium: Internal Rotation of Ilium on Sacrum(Right or Left)
EX – Rt Ilium or EX – Lt Ilium: External Rotation of Ilium on Sacrum (Right or Left)

When adjusting the spine, specify vertebral level:
Vertebral Subluxation is Posterior andRight or Left (R or L indicates the direction of the spinous rotation): PR or PL
Example: L5 – PR, T5 – PR, or C5 – PR

Lumbar Facet Syndrome: Lumbar Facet Syndrome

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