Three men the boat.

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Three Men in a Boat

Mirko Rea
4t C
Activities Chapter 1: Health Problems.
1 Read the sentences below and for each question indicate the correct answer A, B, C or D.
* What is the person telling the story called?
C – J
* Why did J go to The British Museum Library?
A – To get some information on health.
* Where did J take the doctor’sprescription?
D – To the chemist’s.
* What does liver disease cause?
A – Tiredness.
* What did the three men have for dinner?
A - Meat, onions and cake.
* Why didn’t Harris want to go to the country?
B – It was boring.
* George wanted to take a holiday?
D – On the River Thames.
* Who disagreed with George’s idea?
C – Montmorency.

2 Vocabulary Check

* A person whodoesn’t like working is: lazy.
* Medicines are sold here: chemist’s
* A written order for medicine: prescription.
* A large organ of the body which processes blood: liver.
* Not well in health: ill.
* A desire to sleep: sleepiness.
* A person who looks after your house: housekeeper.
* A short journey: trip.
* An illness: disease.

Activities Chapter 2: Planning thetrip.

1 read the passage below and choose the correct word A, B, C or D, for each space.

J, Harris and George wanted to begin the trip the 1following Saturday from Kingston. The three men liked nature and wanted to live 2out, but they were worried 3about the rain. In bad 4weather they decided to sleep in an inn or hotel. They 5knew it was difficult to put 6up a tent.
Montmorency looks 7intoa calm, gentle fox-terrier, but he 8isn’t. He is 9worst than many other dogs and has 10had over a hundred fights.

2 Verb Check

The tent was (be) very heavy but George tried (try) to put it up. He thought (think) it was easy. The tent sell (fall) on his head three times and this made (make) him angry. The wind blew (blow) all day and all night, so George slept (sleep) in the boat. But theboat rocked (rock) a lot. The next morning he felt (fell) very tired. For breakfast he drank (drink) some hot tea and ate (eat) some bread, butter and jam. He wanted (want) to go home.

4 Match the words below whit their opposites.

1. Start. h a. Quiet
2. Full. k b. Push
3. Noisy. ac. Best
4. Young. j d. Easy
5. Cooked. l e. Light
6. Wet. i f. Take down
7. Difficult. d g. Right
8. Worst. c h. Finish
9. Heavy. ei. Dry
10. Put up. f j. Old
11. Pull. b k. Empty
12. Wrong. g l. Raw

Activities Chapter 3: Packing

1 What happened in Chapter Three?

a) Who tells everyone what to do?
b) Why did the three men needa small boat?
They carry on the necessary think.
c) What did they take instead of a tent?
A canvas covers in the boat.
d) What food did they decide to take with them?
Sugar, eggs, bacon, bread, butter, jam, biscuits, cold meat, and fruit.
e) Why didn’t they want a paraffin stove?
Because the smell a paraffin oil stove.

f) Where did J find his toothbrush?Inside a boat.
3 Are you good at packing the right things? Let’s see if you can fill the crossword puzzle with right words.

1) Pie
2) Nails
3) Chair
4) Soap
5) Eggs
6) Hammer
7) Picture
8) Bread
9) Paper

Activities Chapter 4: Ready for the trip

1.What happened in Chapter Four?

a) When will Harris become the worst packer in...
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