Tiempo pasado simple y progresivo en ingles

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Use the past progressive (past continuous) to describe an action that was in progress at a specific time in the past. The action began before the specifictime and may or may not continue after it.
← Ex: They were living in Paris in 1895.

Use the simple past tense to describe an action or state that was completed at a specific time in thepast.
← Ex: She moved to Paris when she was 28.

Use the past progressive with the simple past tense to talk about an action that was interrupted by another action. Use the simple pasttense for the interrupting action. You can use while (with the past progressive) or when (with the simple past) to connect the two actions.

← Ex: They were driving when the accident occurred. orWhen the accident occurred, they were driving .
The accident occurred while they were driving. or While they were driving, the accident occurred.



← The past forms of theverb ‘to be’ are was and were.


← The negative forms are:



← In your book, solve the exercises:
• 1 in page 50
• 2 in page 51
• 1and 2 in page 52
← In your notebook, write 10 sentences using simple past tense and past progressive


Countable nouns are those which you can determineby a certain number. You can use them with a cardinal number. Ex: I have five apples

Uncountable nouns are those which are not possible to count. So, they do not have a plural form. You must usethem with an adjective like some, much, any, etc. Ex: There’s some rain.


← Use much with uncountable nouns to express an amount.
Ex: I drink much water. Yobebo mucha agua

← Use many with plural (countable) nouns to express a number of objects or people.
Ex: I have many books. Yo tengo muchos libros

← Use there is (with...
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