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Uno de los usos de los verbos modales consiste en realizar pedidos, sugerencias u ofrecimientos.

Para pedir algo de forma correcta, debemos usar COULD, acompañado de please.
Could you please tell me how to go to the museum?
Por favor, ¿podría decirme cómo ir al museo?

Could you please open the window?
Por favor, ¿podría abrir la ventana? 

Para pedir algo,también es posible usar WOULD.
Would you please open the window?
Por favor, ¿podría abrir la ventana? 

Para hacer una sugerencia, podemos usar SHOULD.
You should visit the Science Museum.
Deberías visitar el Museo de Ciencias.

You shouldn't miss the famous Big Ben.
No deberías perderte el famoso Big Ben.

Michael (be) [pic]ill yesterday. [pic]

He (be) [pic]in bed all day. [pic]He (take) [pic]his medicine yesterday
morning. [pic]

Yesterday afternoon, a doctor (go) [pic]to see him. [pic]

The doctor (tell) [pic]him to stay in bed. [pic]

Today, Michael (be) [pic]still in bed. [pic]

He (be) [pic]ill for a week. [pic]

He (never be) [pic]ill for such a long time. [pic]

Now, he (hope) [pic]to get well soon [pic]

because he (need) [pic]to study for hisnext exam. [pic]

Esta historia ayuda a comprension y a buscar palabra en diccionario
The Carpet Fitter
Eddie was a carpet fitter, and he hated it. For ten years he had spent his days sitting, squatting, kneeling or crawling on floors, in houses, offices, shops, factories and restaurants. Ten years of his life, cutting and fitting carpets for other people to walk on, without even seeing them.When his work was done, no-one ever appreciated it. No- one ever said "Oh, that's a beautiful job, the carpet fits so neatly." They just walked all over it. Eddie was sick of it.
He was especially sick of it on this hot, humid day in August, as he worked to put the finishing touches to today's job. He was just cutting and fixing the last edge on a huge red carpet which he had fitted in theliving room of Mrs. Vanbrugh's house. Rich Mrs. Vanbrugh, who changed her carpets every year, and always bought the best. Rich Mrs. Vanbrugh, who had never even given him a cup of tea all day, and who made him go outside when he wanted to smoke. Ah well, it was four o'clock and he had nearly finished. At least he would be able to get home early today. He began to day-dream about the weekend, aboutthe Saturday football game he always played for the local team, where he was known as "Ed the Head" for his skill in heading goals from corner kicks.
Eddie sat back and sighed. The job was done, and it was time for a last cigarette. He began tapping the pockets of his overalls, looking for the new packet of Marlboro he had bought that morning. They were not there.
It was as he swungaround to look in his toolbox for the cigarettes that Eddie saw the lump. Right in the middle of the brand new bright red carpet, there was a lump. A very visible lump. A lump the size of -- the size of a packet of cigarettes.
"Blast!" said Eddie angrily. "I've done it again! I've left the cigarettes under the blasted carpet!"
He had done this once before, and taking up and refittingthe carpet had taken him two hours. Eddie was determined that he was not going to spend another two hours in this house. He decided to get rid of the lump another way. It would mean wasting a good packet of cigarettes, nearly full, but anything was better than taking up the whole carpet and fitting it again. He turned to his toolbox for a large hammer.
Holding the hammer, Eddie approached thelump in the carpet. He didn't want to damage the carpet itself, so he took a block of wood and placed it on top of the lump. Then he began to beat the block of wood as hard as he could. He kept beating, hoping Mrs. Vanbrugh wouldn't hear the noise and come to see what he was doing. It would be difficult to explain why he was hammering the middle of her beautiful new carpet.
After three or...
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