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Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6.0.9 Open Source Edition Release Notes

Please read this release note as it contains the up-to-date changes for ZCS 6.0.9. The following sections are included: Release Overview Enhancements for 6.0.9, page 2 Major New Features for 6.0, page 2 Other Enhancements for 6.0, page 8 Beta-quality features included with ZCS 6.0, page 13 Major Fixes in 6.0.9 Release, page 16Major Fixes in Previous 6.0 Releases, page 17 More About ZCS 6.0 Features, page 37 New Zimbra Packages for 6.0, page 42 Upgrade Process, page 42 Before you Upgrade, page 42 Upgrade Instructions, page 45 Status of Your Customizations to ZCS after Upgrade, page 51 Known Issues, page 51

Release Overview
This release note refers to the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Open Source Edition 6.0.9 releasefrom Zimbra. This is a generally available (GA) release expected to run in production environments. The Zimbra Collaboration Suite Open Source Edition 6.0.9 is a next generation collaboration solution. ZCS provides next generation messaging and collaboration tools, including email, address books, group calendaring functionality, task lists, and Web document authoring and sharing, along withNovember 2010


Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6.0.9 Open Source Edition Release Notes

rich browser-based interfaces for both end-users and administrators.A comprehensive feature list is available on the Zimbra web site at www.zimbra.com. Before you install the upgrade, please review the Known Issues section for a list of outstanding issues in this release.

Enhancements for 6.0.9
• Supportfor SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1 Important: If your OS is SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11, make sure you have SP1 installed. Zimbra supports only SLES11, SP1. (Bug 52031)

Major New Features for 6.0
ZCS Administration and General Features
• Beta support for Fedora 11 32/64 bit releases. (Bug 25713) • Extension blocking is now done at both the Postfix header level and at the Amavis levelwhich scans embedded archives for blocked extensions (Bug 30889) • zimbraSmtpHostname is now fault tolerant. (Bug 36173) • The admin can set the number of items to display per page on ZWC to be 250, 500, 100 or more items per page. COS/Account attributes zimbraMaxMailItemsPerPage and zimbraMaxContactsPerPage is configured to specify the number. (Bug 7411) • SpamAssassin CLI tools are now includedin the ZCS distribution. Use of sa-update is not encouraged at this time because the SARE rulesemporium.com site is not being updated. (Bug 27844) • Configuring Calendar Resources from the admin console has been enhanced to improve the user experience, including the ability to set a scheduling policy (Bug 12414) • Resources scheduling policy has been enhanced to let you choose one of the followingoptions: • • • • Auto accept if available, auto decline on conflict. This is fully automatic. Manual accept, auto decline on conflict. Only auto-decline is enabled Auto Accept always. Auto accept everything No auto accept or decline. Fully manual scheduling


November 2010

Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6.0.9 Open Source Edition Release Notes

Note: If Auto decline all recurringappointments is selected, all recurring meeting requests are declined regardless of any auto decline on conflict settings that are configured. (Bug 19999 and 36591) • For new installations of 6.0, an account’s creation date now shows in account information. A new LDAP generalized time attribute, zimbraCreateTimestamp, is added on all object types beginning with 6.0. It is set on the object entry when anobject is created. (Bug 22033). See the More About ZCS 6.0 Features section for more information. • The language preference for the locale can be set from the administration console, either as COS or in an account. This is set up in the Preferences tab. (Bug 26863) • You can now change the default MTA value for the bounce_queue_lifetime parameter through zmlocalconfig. The default is 5-day bounce...
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