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Unit 8 – Speaking

Five comprehension questions:

1. What categories do these speaking acts belong to?
A) making suggestions Function (
B) frowning. Interaction andbody language(
C) linking the sounds at the end of words to the start of the next word. Connected speech(
D) saying “uh-huh” to show agreement. Interaction(
E) selecting the way we say hello tosomeone Appropiacy(

2. Give a definition of the following?
A) Fluency: the normal speaking with the use of connected speech( (and without undue hesitation).
B) Interactive strategies: These are thestrategies we use when we are speaking to someone to show understanding and also to make ourselves understood(
C) Accuracy: This involves the use of the correct forms of grammar, vocabulary andpronunciation(
D) Controlled practice activities: These are activities in which the learner s are asked to use only the language they ´ve been taught in class(

3. True or false?
Learners should not needpreparation time for speaking activities. False(

4. True or false?
Controlled practice activities focus mainly on fluency development. False(

5. True or false?
Giving learners a task or areason for speaking can make speaking activities more effective. True(

One discussion question:
Write a paragraph discussing the following statement from a learner:
“I know what I want to say, but Ican’t say it in class.”
Most students have probably been taught just on a limited language so that’s why they feel they can’t say things in class. There is an important factor we need to mentionwhich is self- steem , we need to encourage our students not to be afraid to make something wrong when they speak, because that is the opportunity to correct them and to make them improve. Students needto have more practice empathizing creativity through opportunities to discuss topics freely. Teachers should develop tasks for their students that make them feel more confident when speaking. We,...
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