To be authoritative and not authoritarian teacher

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  • Publicado : 5 de marzo de 2011
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To Be Authoritative and not Authoritarian teacher

This written work is about the advantages of being an authoritative teacher and the disadvantage and consequences of being an authoritarianteacher. Although, these terms sound similar, their meanings are far different from each other, thus my main purpose in this essay is to show that authoritative teachers’ role is the best one.
Adistinguished writer Julia Tice wrote: “a good teacher should be authoritative but no authoritarian”. According to my own experience, I agree with her statements because and from my personal point of view,being an authoritative teacher means to take into account students’ needs as well as students’ feelings, in order not let them be limited to express their own emotions and their honest opinions during theteaching and learning process. What is more, those teachers provide students with boosting and real help, they reinforce students’ confidence by showing real love and at the time setting well definedboundaries.
It is important at this central point to define the terms:
-Authoritarian teachers’ role
-Authoritative teachers’ role
As stated by an online reference reveals that:“Authoritarian teachers demand a lot from their students, but do not give in response (feedback). Giving orders and setting strict rules to be obeyed is common in their method. Often stereotyped as a“Military style”, this technique can sometimes lead to physical abuse.” In contrast, the authoritative teachers set some limits for their students but also listen and nurture them to some extent.” Inrelation to the Longman Dictionary authoritarian teacher’s role is defined as an act of forcing people to obey strict rules or laws and not allowing any freedom. Then, it defines the authoritativeteacher’s role as an act of behaving or speaking in a confident, determined way that makes people respect and obey you”. Therefore, what can happen if you are an authoritarian teacher? A reasonable...
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