To be or not to be

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  • Publicado : 1 de junio de 2011
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Essay To be or not to be
Almost since the high school started, we had listen our parents asking us what are we going to study and where. When we were little saying that we would become astronautsor car washers was acceptable but conform we are growing, they expect more from us and sometimes that led us to the choice they want and not our choice. Our parents feel that they need to guide usbecause we are too young to decide if we want to study music or be an actress. And sometimes by doing this they don’t let us follow our dreams and make our own mistakes.
In my case I don’t have an ideaof what I want to study, I can think psychology and later I want law. And that make my parents wanting to decide for me. I know that they are doing it because they love me but I have the idea that Iam the one that must find out by my own and with time and maybe mistakes I would find out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Last year one of my best friends told me about traveling to Europeand work as a nanny and I thought that was very cool and that I would like to live there for a while and travel all around Europe. I had told my mother and she told me it was a good idea but the themenever passed from that. And to my father it was until the beginning of this year that I told him. But the idea was like unconcluded, like if it was only an idea and not a fact. But I really want togo to Italy and live there and know that they realize this is true they are telling me many things about it and reasons why I shouldn’t go. They tell me about losing a year, about returning and have tofind a university on my own, about living alone without the privileges I have home. And all that together make me wonder if I really want to go to Italy. That make me think about what I can do, Iknow that the privileges are not going to be the same and that to universities I can apply and tell them to save my place. And talking to them explaining them that I want a time until I start my career...
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