To kill a amocking bird

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Hector Gonzalez
Period Two, Honor English 10B
April 22, 2009

Talking Points: Chapter 26-31

Chapter 26:
1. Jem and Scout start school, and they again begin to pass near the house of Boo Radley.2. Scout still wishes to see Boo Radley just once.
3. Scout learns about Hitler and persecution of Jews.
4. Ms. Gates teaches a lesson about democracy and equality.
5. Scout gets madbecause Ms. Gates is not the right person to talk about equality, because when she came out of the courthouse after the trial, she told Miss Stephanie Crawford that it was about time that someone taughtthe blacks in town a lesson.
Chapter 27:
1. In the middle of October, Bob Ewell gets a job with the WPA.
2. Ewell blames Atticus for getting his job.
3. Judge Taylor is at home, and some openthe screen door open and sees a shadow creeping away.
4. Deas tells Ewell to Leave Helen alone, or else he will be arrested.
5. There is a Halloween play at Scout’s school, but Atticus and AuntAlexandra do not attend.
Chapter 28:
1. Cecil Jacobs jumps out and frightens Jem and Scout, in the way to school.
2. Scout falls asleep and misses her entrance, she runs to the stage and theend
3. Scout and Jem wait backstage until everyone its gone, so they can go home
4. Someone is attacks Scout and Jem
5. Jem has a broken arm and a bump on his head, but that he will be allright
6. Bow Ewell is dead, was found dead under a tree with a knife stave in his ribs.
Chapter 29:
2. Heck asks Scout to tell everything that happen.
3. Scout’s ham costume saves her lifefrom being cut by the knife.
4. She said that when Mr. Ewell was trying to squeeze her to death someone pulled him off of her, and she thought Jem had gotten up again.
5. Scout describes how Boolooked at the moment
Chapter 30:
1. Atticus suggested going to the porch to discuss everything that happen.
2. Scout realizes he took him to the porch because it was darker there, and Boo is...
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