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  • Publicado : 5 de diciembre de 2010
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Colegio: Instituto Hebreo

Profesor: Marcela Herrera

Alumno: Nathan Díaz

Fecha: 2 de Diciembre de 2010

The egg in to a bottle


the objective of this experiment is put a eggin a bottle of glass the egg “melt” in the “mouth” of the bottle this is increidible how the egg “melt” in the bottle an then is in the bottle

in this experiment are 3 experiments: need:one glass bottle, hard boiled egg and matches need:one glass bottle, hard boiled egg, matches anda piece of paper.

3 you need one glass bottle, one ballon, matches and a piece of paper


The method the science method is in this video:

this is an interesting video that there are the three experiments (the baloon and the other two eggs)

miss is the same video of the second page

(Miss im goin to put the same video because here is aaaaaaaaall the information of my work ok

miss y hope youenjoy this video and my word

The final results of the experiment was that you can puta n egg in a glass bottle using the contraction and expansión force to “melt” the egg to enter in the bottlelike here:


Miss marcela I try many times at first use a plastic bottle with the original four matches did not lead after six did not result after a bottle of juice Andean and notturned four matches and then six matches and a bottle of juice Andean

The conlusion is that with the force of expansion and contraction you can put a solid an bigger thing in a glass a little“mouth” of a glass bottle that shows that the science is most powerfull than the teories ((((((((((((((((((((((((((

I hope you understand and like my Word.

My work is taken of one video...
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