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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2011
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Out-standing pupils
✓ Antonio Arregui Yarza: Civil Doctor of Law - Archbishop of Guayaquil, Ecuador.
✓ Anglo of Yolanda brown and white, Graduated in Drugstore - Teacher of Drug store andmayor of Pamplona.
✓ Juan Luis Cardenal Cipriani Thorne, Doctor in Theology - Archbishop of Lima and Primacy of Peru.
✓ Pedro Michael Etxenike, Doctor in Physics, Professor in Physics ofCondensed Matter and of Basque Philology in the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU and Rector of the above mentioned University between 1996 and 2000, the current Director of the DonostiaInternational Physics Center, Professor in Physics of Matter Condensed in the University of Cambridge.
✓ Jaime Peñafiel graduated in Journalism by the University of Navarre and in Law for the University ofGranada, is a writer and tertuliano in television programs on royal families and aristocracy.
✓ Iñaki Gabilondo graduated in Journalism, announcer of radio and presenter of informative.
✓Julio Ariza Irigoyen, businessman and exdiputado of the Catalan Parliament. President of the group of mass media Intereconomy.
✓ Silvia Intxaurrondo graduated in Journalism, presenter ofinformative.
✓ Lourdes Maldonado, obtenu le grade de licencié en Journalisme, présentatrice de renseignements (3 Nouvelles présentent l'Antenne le Week-end)..
✓ Maria Martínez graduated inJournalism, presenter of The Sixth one
✓ Joaquín Navarro-Valls Graduated in Journalism, has been a spokesperson of the Holy See
✓ Pedro J. Ramirez graduated in Journalism, the director of the diaryThe World
✓ Helena Resano graduated in Journalism, presenter of informative.
✓ Luis Piedrahita graduated in Audio-visual Communication, actor, humorist and magician has gained two prizes ofmagic and the Contest of the Club of the Comedy.
✓ Santiago France Lorenzo, Dean and major archivist of the Cathedral of Palencia. Academician of the Institution Meneses's Tello Téllez from...
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