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This paper shows the launch of the ICOST BABY brand that detects the need for the parents of children under the age of 6 years to get shampoo. The novelty of the brand is that it doesnot irritate the eyes, which is realizing highly natural products with anti - allergic thanks to a special component that has, it is pleasant fragrance and account with the price lowest in themarket.
ICOST BABY was created based on the name our Professor of English "Ines Constella" and "baby" because the product is focused on the public child.
The components of this product are sodium LaurylSulfate, CocamideDiethenolamide, Disodium Oleamido MEA, Sulfosuccionato, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Cocamido Propyl Betaine, DM DMHidatoina, Formaldehide, Sodium Chloride, fragrance, Aqua.
The ideaof creating a product for the health of the hair of children, whose importance is that it is made based on plants natural.
Characteristics of the product:
• Is a shampoo that is included in a singlepresentation (300 ml)
• Is easy handling by the design of the packaging
• Has an unbreakable container
• It is anti-allergic by a special component that has
• Does not irritate the eyes
• Ispleasant fragrance
• It is very cheap
• Provides brightness and smoothness
From the point of view of the manufacturer, the product has the following characteristics:
• The matter prima is economic
•The matter is purely national.
The packaging of this product is a strong and durable material (unbreakable), allowing you to greater consumer Security and thus prevents spill or break in the eventthat happens a drop of the product.
The main label of the BABY ICOST is of color green water, with yellow border; the name of the product (ICOST BABY) is made with four fonts with a child design,where various present colors clear to make children feel identified with the same.

This product is aimed at all social class. The size of the container will be 300 ml only. and whose cost of launch...
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