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  • Publicado : 15 de junio de 2010
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David Calvo Paniagua
Rincón González Humberto Rogelio
Serrano Medina Jorge Armando
Salgado García Enrique
Piloña Rivera Rogelio Ramón



This paper provides an analysis of the immigration laws of different countries, in view of all changes thatare occurring in actuality, and as mentioned the "Anti Migrant Law" which as we Mexicans are so concerned about because we know of civilians who are being violated in their rights as individuals, taking away the right that all people have to work to earn a living for his family in a fair and even further to deny that right to work honestly, humiliate and the physically and verbally assaulted.This work aims to have an overview of the immigration laws of other countries compared to ours or "our northern neighbor" may vary in several respects.

1 .- What happens if an American entering the country as a tourist, takes the migratory FMTTV payment and receipt of ID?, Where you can cancel or surrender his immigration form? and Is the same procedure for nationals of any country?R-Applies to all foreigners and must be submitted in the Consulate of Mexico in the country which lies to deliver them.
2 .- If two procedures (Extension and change of address) can be made at the same time?
A. Yes, the only condition is to be performed by an application process each and can be submitted at the same time.
3 .- What requires a foreigner to be employed?
R-Meet the requirementsof section Immigrants No Other.
4 .- If admission as a tourist to Mexico I can make gainful activities
R-No, because the only tourist feature allows you to make recreation, health, artistic, cultural or sports unpaid.
5 .- Are there special hours to collect documents on the Regional Delegation and the offices of Homer or the only open from 9:00 to 13:00 hrs?
R-In accordance with theManual of Criteria and Visa published in the Official Journal of the Federacióm the public opening hours are from 09:00 to 13:00 hrs.
6 .- What requires an immigrant to make the change of marital status, address, work, etc.. in your photo ID card?
R-Make appropriate notice to the INM Regional Delegation near their home, to meet the requirements, they are in the category of permit and otherformalities relating to notifications.
7 .- All foreigners who have a child in Mexico Do you have an obligation to give notice to the Institute? And if so What is required to present?
R-only foreigners who have the quality and characteristics of non-refugee immigrants have an obligation to register the birth of their children in the national territory in accordance with Article 166 SectionVIII paragraph i) of RLGP and the requirement will present a copy of the minutes birth that proves the link to the Mexican minor, original FM-3 with a pending application for immigration.
All foreigners who are not by the above can register the birth of Mexican children in order to modify their conditions of stay in the country and access to certain privileges as the General Population Act givesthem.
8 .- What is required to prove cohabitation before the INM?
A. The cohabitation is a legal recognized in this country, however, the quality and characteristics of immigrants assimilate addressed in one course to obtain it, verify that you live with a Mexican, to comply with this requirement is necessary an open letter signed by both in which state this link under oath accompanied by theidentification of the Mexican.
9 .- If a foreign person has a dependent Nonimmigrant FM3 economic and daughter of Mexican nationality, can apply for an Immigrant Family FM2 as if they live in union?
R-You can request a change of immigration status to Immigrant Family to have blood relationship with a Mexican straight (son) and can be authorized to perform any lawful activity and honest,...
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