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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2010
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Name: Carlos Alfonso Arroyo Álvarez
Country: Afghanistan
Commission: UNICEF ll
Topic: Homeless children
Topic Background: Children may end up on the streets for several basic reasons: They may have no choice – they are abandoned, orphaned, or disowned by their parents. Secondly, they may choose to live in the streets because of mistreatment or neglect or because their homes do not or cannotprovide them with basic necessities. Many children also work in the streets because their earnings are needed by their families. But homes and families are part of the larger society and the underlying reasons for the poverty or breakdown of homes and families may be social, economic, political or environmental or any combination of these.
Position of the country: Afghanistan’s street kids arethe legacy of a several facts in a quarter-century of war(dire poverty, years of the Soviet war, and then civil war, the bad economy) that stripped the country of safety nets like schools and social services. Growing unemployment and living costs are swelling their numbers. The Afghan government has done little to help street children, given other burning issues like the ongoing war against theTaliban.
Possible solutions: Many governments, nongovernmental organizations, and members of civil society around the world have increased their attention on homeless and street children as the number of this disenfranchised population continues to grow dramatically. Nonetheless, more action is necessary. Most importantly, as a result of adverse economic conditions in many countries, an internationalplan to provide basic housing, feeding and scholar needs to be developed.

Name: Carlos Alfonso Arroyo Alvarez
Country: Afghanistan
Commission: UNICEF ll
Topic: Teenage aborting
Topic Background: While discussing the issue of teenage pregnancy it is very important to think about the main consequence, the aborting, and possible reasons that are responsible for this phenomenon. One of themost important reasons for teen pregnancies is the way in which adolescents are looking at sex. For a majority of teenagers, lack of appropriate sex education, and the portrayal of sex through the mass media results in an inappropriate and a rather careless approach about the phenomenon of sex in general which leads to the fact that teenagers look at sex very differently. Most of the teenagerslack the maturity and sound understanding about the phenomenon of sex and often get carried away in the moment. The practice of unprotected sex leads to teen pregnancies and further to teen abortions.
Teen pregnancies can also result from sexual abuse of teenage girls. Instances of teen pregnancies resulting from sexual abuse by sexual predators, or even date rapes have been on the rise.
Positionof de country: In this country the issues such as: prostitution pornography, child abuse, sexual abuse, runaways, rape, domestic violence, wars, and sexual harassment are the main causes for the teen pregnancy and aborting. Another factor is Afghan society, which is predominantly conservative Muslim. Women, especially in the rural areas, don’t have much of a say over their health andbodies. Abortion is illegal in Afghanistan, unless the life of the mother is directly threatened by the pregnancy. Because the nation has strong feelings against sex outside of marriage, some people resort to drastic measures to hide rape or a pregnancy resulting from it.
Possible solutions: This is a big problem and it deserves a big solution with a main focus in the prevention with tasks such as joined upaction, making sure branches of government and health and education services work together effectively. A prevention of teenage pregnancy through better sex education and improving contraceptive and advice services for young people, involving young people in service design, supporting the parents of teenagers to talk to them about sex and relationships, and targeting high-risk groups and better...
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