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In the project we did was theestimate or measure the rate was based on the measured laboratory test or the time it took us to walk and run and that would give us time and distance, and then to obtain the velocity use the formula whichsays Vdt and based of this formula we all average speeds of all the members of the group.
And we got that all team members will leave nearly the same average length of the walk and run. Alsocalculated the speed but to get the dominoes had to use a stopwatch to know what the time and then measure the distance that had the row of dominoes, and then we had these data are not made easier to find thespeed of dominoes and walked and the run on each group member.

Velocity is the rate of change of position. It is a vector physical quantity; both magnitude and direction arerequired to define it. The scalar absolute value (magnitude) of velocity is speed, a quantity that is measured in meters per second (m/s or ms−1) when using the SI (metric) system.
For example, "5 metersper second" is a scalar and not a vector, whereas "5 meters per second east" is a vector. The average velocity v of an object moving through a displacement during a time interval (Δt) is described bythe formula:

The rate of change of velocity is acceleration – how an object's speed or direction changes over time, and how it is changing at a particular point in time. (Robert Resnick and JearlWalker, June 16, 2004)

What we needed in the work or the project was a tape measure to measure the distance each frame in which we ran half of which 1.20 meters. For 8 because we walked andran eight tables, we needed a stopwatch and a calculator to find the speed of each group member.
The results we obtained were:
Name | Net walking time | Running Net Time | net walking...
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