Trafico de armas en australis

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Position Paper

Committee: Counter Terrorism Committee
Topic: United Nations Programme of Weapon Regulation
Country: Republic of Australia

Good morning honorable chair and delegates. In nameof the Commonwealth of Australia’s Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, it is an honor for this delegation to be here discussing the problems of the traffic of illegal weapons.
Australia agrees that thereis a intimate relationship between firearms and crime. This is the main reason why the Australian government made initiatives to reduce the number and access of illegal firearms in the country.
In1996 during the National Agreement on Firearms, the Australian government aligned the laws that regulate the use of firearms. This laws are nationwide standards that control the usage of firearms; itincludes the prohibition of certain types of firearms and strict requirements for the usage and possession of small arms.
Australia considers it is important to control illegal traffic of smallweapons for two main reasons. First, Australia thinks the weapons are used for criminal purposes. Second, these weapons traffic contribute to disorder in neighboring counties with crime and terrorism
Inorder to control the traffic of illegal weapons in the world Australia proposes the following solutions.
Make an international law that will control the amount of firearms that are imported toother countries. In order to control and prohibit certain types of arms and we can suggest some requirements for the usage of these weapons, this should be secure by an international police.
Inaddition, Australia thinks it is necessary to make a specific found to complete the work of the United Nations Programme of Weapon Regulation. As soon as the UNPWR work is completed Australia thinks it isnecessary to check the results of this programme. If it does not work it will be necessary to modify some points of the programme in order to reach the expected results.
Finally, with this paper we...
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