Trainig dogs

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Dog Training Basics
All dogs will benefit from obedience training. No matter what the breed or size, having a clear consistent method of dog training is necessary for your pet. This is even moreimportant if you have larger, more dominant breeds like Akitas or Tosa Inus.
You should always apply common sense when training your dog. Don’t ever train your puppy in a haphazard, off-again, on-againattitude. This will not helpful for your dog and can lead to development issues later in life. You should always have a clear plan in mind and stick to it.
If you are not familiar with dog training,it is always a good idea to get help from a professional trainer or to attend dog obedience classes. Never just send your dog of to an obedience school without having an involvement with the dogyourself. You will be living with your pet, not the trainer. While the dog might respond well with the professional that does not guarantee that he will listen to you.
If you want your pet to respond toyou then you need to be the one to train him. Also, any family members that want an active role in the dog’s life they should also be involved in the training of the dog. If all adult members of thehousehold are involved in dog training, they will learn to understand exactly what the dog’s moods and behaviors are and they will learn what to expect from him.
The truth is that dogs do not want tobe trained. It is their nature to be leaders, not followers. So the trick is to training your dog is to make this experience as fun and enjoyable as possible. Your dog delights in having regular socialinteraction with the human members of its pack. If obedience training is a pleasant experience then the dog will not mind repeating the process in the future.
What is very important is giving thedog a chance to learn from these lessons. Never rush training your dog for he will learn at his own pace. It is best to just have patience and watch him carefully to see just what exercises are most...
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