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320. I was less impressed y their performance than I’d hoped. not
Their performance was not as impressive as .I’d hoped.
321. I last went there two years ago. been
I haven’t been there for two years.
322. He hasn’t got the intelligence to be aprogrammer. intelligent
He isn’t intelligent enough to be a programmer.
323. The team members have never been so fit before. fitter
The team members are fitter than they have ever been before.
324. There is a continual rise in the numberof club members this year. rising
The number of club members is continually rising / is rising continually this year.
325. Although she was alone she still enjoyed the meal. spite
She still enjoyed the meal in spite of being alone.
326. The only reason I watch thisshow at all is because I like the dancers. watch
If I didn’t like the dancers in this show, I wouldn’t watch it at all.
327. Players are allowed to pick up the ball but they must not run with it. provided
Players are allowed to pick up the ball provided (that) they do norun with it.
328. I bet your brother’s still watching television. must
Your brother must still be watching television.
329. She started to train there over six months ago. training
She has been training there for over sixmonths.
330. Because the sculpture weighed so much, we couldn’t carry it. heavy
The sculpture was too heavy for us to carry.
331. Do you only come here because you’re on your own at home? if
Would you come here if you weren’t by yourself at home?
332.I don’t need a more powerful PC. enough
My PC is powerful enough for me.
333. Playing tennis always makes me feel tired. get
If I play tennis I always get tired.
334. Perhaps those two women don’t really like each other.might
Those two women might not really like one another.
335. I last went there when I was a child. been
I haven’t been there since I was a child.
336. They were once known everywhere as the top team. used
Theyused to be known everywhere as the top team.
337. It seems that there is a gradual fall in the number of complaints. falling
The number of complaints is gradually falling / is falling gradually it seems.
338. If they don’t improve a lot soon they’re bound to lose.better
They’re bound to lose unless they get a lot better soon.
339. Please don’t shout every time you want a drink. mind
Would you mind not shouting every time you want a drink?
340. ‘Do you know where we are?’ he asked me, as the fog closed in. knew...